APE is known world-wide for our race prep on four cylinder plain-bearing crankshafts. The who's who of racing depend on APE cranks for performance and dependability. Over 28 years experience modifying motorcycle cranks is available for your motorcycle.

APE experts have reworked every kind of four cylinder plain bearing motorcycle crank there is. From the old Honda sohc 750 to the latest GSXR1000.

The advantage of a lightened crank... Much quicker throttle response, less power wasted trying to turn a heavy crank means more power to the rear wheel. The engine accelerates faster. Harder pull off the corners. Reshaped counterweights move through the oil mist with less drag. Lighter cranks have less gyro effect.

Lightened and Balanced Cranks
APE completely machines the crank counter-weights to remove weight and narrow the profile (sometimes called "knife-edging".) The oil holes are fluted on certain models to keep more oil at the bearings. The crank is then balanced on a state-of-the-art computerized balancing machine to extremely tight tolerances. machine Work part #
LC750 - $225.00

For more information, email to cranks@racecranks.com

As all racers know, heavy wheels and brakes spinning fast act like gyroscopes, and resist being moved off their axis, such as leaning the bike over for cornering. Same with the crank.

The heavier the spinning crank, the more it resists being tilted when cornering. Light cranks not only make more power, but help improve handling.

Stroker Crankshafts
APE offers crankshaft stroking. This process involves moving the rod journals away from centerline to increase the overall stroke in the engine. This modification can be performed on cranks that have damaged rod journals, as well as good cranks. APE STROKES ALL 4 CYLINDER PLAIN-BEARING CRANKS. Contact the APE tech department for stroker recommendations for your engine: 661-256-7309 - and visit www.aperaceparts.com and click on your make.

LC750-STKR         Stroke four cylinder up to 5mm
LC750-STKR+6    Stroke 6mm+

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Kit consist of a brand new 08 Hayabusa crankshaft, but you can't buy this one from Suzuki or anyone else. Rod journals are fluted for extra oil at the rod bearings. Micro polished. Computer balanced to less than 1/3 gram. ( these cranks don't come from Suzuki balanced that well) This allows you to run this crank with the counterbalancer removed if you like. Certificate of balance.

Spacer plate, allows this crank to bolt into earlier busas without changing rods or pistons. (Use 08 main bearings) When used with a 1397 motor, it yields 1441cc.

These cranks list at over $
1300.00 from Suzuki.

Kit Special from APE #HCK-08
$1295 -

Also available lightened and balanced #HCK-08LB
1395.00 -

Options include counterbalancer gear removal.

In Stock


APE offers the ultimate GSXR1000 stroker kit.

Kit includes new Billet stroker crankshaft, and Carrillo stroker rods. Crankshaft is race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

BSK1000-4 4 MM Billet stroker kit $3689.00 complete.
BSK1000-6 6 MM Billet stroker kit $3690.00 complete ( Stroker pistons required. )

Welded stroker KIts (core reqired )
Includes welded stroker on customer supplied core, Balancer gear removed, "draglite" machining, and race balanced to less than 1/3 gram and Carrillo stroker rods.

WSK1000-4 4 mm Welder stroker kit $2195.00
WSK1000-6 6 mm Welded stroker kit $2195.00 ( stroker pistons required )


Kit includes new 08 busa crankshaft , fully lightened, counterbalancer gear removed, New billet race rods installed. Spacer plate.

Bolt in your '99 thru 07 . Ready for the most demanding applications.

BCK1300 Ultimate crank kit with Carrillo H-Beam or Crower upgrade bolt rods


All billet cranks from APE come fully nitrided and race balanced to less than 1/2 gram

HBCC1300-8.5 8.5mm stroker
HBCC1300-9 9mm stroker
HBCC1300-10 10 mm stroker
HBCC1300-11 11mm stroker


HBCC1300-8.5OS 8.5 stroker with offset journals
HBCC1300-10OS 10 mil stroker with offset journals


When shipping a crankshaft to APE please read our shipping instructions carefully. Include an APE work order form when sending in parts for labor or repair. Ship parts to:
APE 7347 Rosamond Bl. Rosamond, Ca. 93560

LC750 Lighten and Balance crankshaft $225.00
LC750-MAG  Magnaflux crankshaft 60.00
LC900 Stroke Crankshaft/inline 4 cyl.with Race Balance 1099
LC905 Stroke 6mm+with Race Balance 1199
LC750ZX12 Lighten/balance ZX12 or ZX14 crankshaft 299.00
LC751 Remove balls and tap oil holes for set screws ( with stroker) from $150
LC753 Race balance only 75.00
LC754 Lighten and balance automotive fours 376.00
LC755 Remove counterbalance gear 40.00
LC761 Repair one (1) damaged crank journal - nitrided 399.95 plus balance
LC761-2 Repair two (2) damaged crank journals - nitrided 499.00 plus balance
LC762 Repair crank journal - twin cylinder, ea. - nitrided 349.00
LC763 Magnaflux, straighten, polish crankshaft 100.00
LC766 Nitride, straighten, and polish crank 265.00
LC770 Assemble rods on crankshaft 120.00
LC770CR Install customer's rods 185.00
LC775 Shot Peen 4 rods 125.00
LC800 Weld pins on roller bearing crank 89.95
LC808 Complete rebuild and welding 4 cylinder roller cranks From $1000